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Relieve Anal Itch Fast: Causes, Symptoms, and Effective Treatments

What is Anal Itch?

Anal itch is a skin condition with many causes, including anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and bacteria. Its symptoms include itching that can get pretty intense and uncomfortable, as well as inflammation, irritation, or burning around the butt (especially if you try to find relief by scratching!). Sometimes, anal itch can get worse after a bowel movement, at bedtime, or in humid, hot weather. Depending on the cause, anal itch symptoms may go away within a day or so, or they can stick around for a few weeks or more.

Anal Itch Causes

The skin around your butt is very sensitive, and there are a lot of things that can cause it to start itching. Sometimes, the itch can be linked to a specific action, like using harsh soaps, lotions, or powders that irritate your skin. You can also cause irritation around your butt by wiping too hard, using rough toilet paper, or scrubbing too much when you clean the area.

While excess wiping or scrubbing can bother the skin around your butt, not cleaning enough can be just as bad. Leaving anything behind on the skin after a bowel movement may also lead to anal itching and irritation.

Health conditions that can cause anal itch include hemorrhoids, anal fissures, yeast infections, some sexually transmitted infections (STIs), pinworms, diarrhea, and skin conditions, like psoriasis or eczema. Some people may also get anal itch after eating or drinking anything spicy, caffeinated, alcoholic, or carbonated.

And, even though we know about so many different reasons for anal itch, it’s still possible to have itching or irritation down there with no clear cause.

Treatment for Anal Itch

Anal itch typically causes an intense, uncontrollable urge to scratch. Of course, since the skin around the butt is so sensitive, scratching tends to make things worse. It may feel good at the moment, but scratching the itch can lead to increased irritation and discomfort, skin damage, infection, and even more itching. Finding the right treatment is the best way to stop the itch-scratch cycle in its tracks.

Bloop’s Maximum Strength Anal Itch Soothing Topical Cream offers immediate calming relief with our unique combination of three powerful-but-gentle ingredients:

  • Hydrocortisone: This is one of the most popular anti-inflammatories for a reason — it really works! Other hydrocortisone formulations fail to provide relief because they can’t do enough to fix the underlying problem causing the itch. Bloop’s cream combines hydrocortisone with other potent natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to treat itch at the source.
  • Andiroba oil: Sourced from Andiroba tree seeds from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, this natural oil is rich in polyphenols, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that work to prevent itch-causing inflammation, soothe and hydrate the skin, and relieve pain.
  • Babacu oil: Straight from the seeds of Babacu palms in the Amazon, this plant-based oil contains fatty acids that immediately cool and soothe irritated skin. Plus, it’s naturally antibacterial, so it helps fight bacteria and inflammation while moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Bloop’s anal itch cream soothes itchy, irritated skin, but it doesn’t stop there. Our combination of 1% hydrocortisone with Brazilian Andiroba and Babacu oils fights inflammation and helps your skin heal so you can find long-lasting relief.

What Customers Are Saying

One of our customers, who is a 55-year-old man, recently had a great experience with Bloop’s Anal Itch Soothing Topical Cream. After 15 years of suffering from uncomfortable anal itch, this customer was on the verge of giving up when over-the-counter creams and treatments were not working. After discovering Bloop, it wasn’t long before he purchased our product. Within only two days of using the product, the customer experienced complete and total relief:

“Compared to other products, Bloop provided instant relief. A little goes a long way. Thanks to Bloop, my quality of life has improved, and this product has become a part of my self-care routine when needed.”

Resisting the urge to itch can feel like an uphill battle, but we’re here to offer support. Find immediate cooling relief with Bloop’s Maximum Strength Anal Itch Soothing Topical Cream. Click here to learn more.

Article by The Bloop Team, reviewed by Dr. Joe Terlizzi, MD

Dr. Joseph Terlizzi

Highly accomplished in his field, Dr. Terlizzi is double-board certified in general and colorectal surgery, specializing in proctology and anal cancer. His work is widely published in colorectal surgery, proctology, and dermatology. Dr. Terlizzi serves on committees for the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS) and the International Anal Neoplasia Society (IANS).

Amany Mousour-Awad

Amany Mansour-Awad is a pioneering force in compounding pharmacy, specialty healthcare, and personal care.

Amany identified and addressed market voids with the inception of Chemistry Rx, a preeminent, woman-owned compounding pharmacy catering to rare disease patients. Chemistry Rx is one of the country’s largest compounding pharmacies and is known for its groundbreaking formulations for the skin, hair and innovative ingredients.

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